Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

After Spine Fusion

September 2012

Sacroiliac joint pain after lumbar/lumbosacral fusion: current knowledge.

March 2012

Clinical incidence of sacroiliac joint arthritis and pain after sacropelvic fixation for spinal deformity.

May 2011

Etiology of chronic low back pain in patients having undergone lumbar fusion.

April 2011

Sacroiliac joint pain after lumbar and lumbosacral fusion: findings using dual sacroiliac joint blocks.


Injection of anaesthetic-corticosteroid to relieve sacroiliac joint pain after lumbar stabilization.

September 2010

Iatrogenic sacroiliac joint syndrome after percutaneous pedicle screw fixation at the L5-S1 level: case report.

March 2009

Lumbar fusion leads to increases in angular motion and stress across sacroiliac joint: a finite element study.

May 2008

Degeneration of sacroiliac joint after instrumented lumbar or lumbosacral fusion: a prospective cohort study over five-year follow-up.

February 2006

Minimum 5-year analysis of L5-S1 fusion using sacropelvic fixation (bilateral S1 and iliac screws) for spinal deformity.