Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain



Sacroiliac Medical Expert Group e.V.

SIMEG is a nonprofit “Medical Experts Association for Research into Diseases of the Sacroiliac Joints and their Treatment” of trauma-, orthopaedic- and neurosurgeons, neurologists, physiotherapists together with scientists and other persons, who work surgically and conservatively in the treatment of the sacroiliac joints and of the pelvic girdle in hospital, practice and research.


The Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (SIJD) Foundation

A non-profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to:
Provide a voice, visibility and support to those impacted by SI joint dysfunction.
Promote awareness of current and best practices, and additional resources to facilitate educated decisions.
Pursue and encourage continued research on the most effective means to evaluate and treat this condition in order to establish a multidisciplinary standard of care for those who suffer with SI joint dysfunction.

The International Sacroiliac Joint Society

A multidisciplinary medical organization representing health care professionals from all over the world. We are dedicated to fostering the highest quality, evidence based and value-based, ethical sacroiliac care by promoting education, research, and advocacy.

Kalindra’s Sacroiliac Joint Resources

A Website with links to numerous articles concerning the sacroiliac joint.

Mayo Clinic

A Mayo Clinic website concerning sacroiliitis.



A great resource on sacroiliac joint pain.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain on FaceBook

This site’s FaceBook page on sacroiliac joint pain.


A FaceBook group “for those that struggle with any sacro-iliac related back pain and/or leg pain; as a place to ask questions, discuss,vent, and a forum to exchange ideas”.