Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Welcome to a Sacroiliac Joint Pain Resource!

Welcome to The site where those suffering from Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain can discuss their experiences and access current information concerning the diagnosis and treatment of SIJ Pain.

The sacroiliac joints (often abbreviated as SI or SIJ) are the joints in the pelvis located between the sacrum and both ilia. The sacroiliac joints are unique in shape, size and function as compared to other joints in the body. They have a joint surface divided into a region which has cartilage on the articular surface (generally in the shape of an “L”) surrounded by a joint capsule and separately an extra-articular surface, which lacks the innervation of the former. Due to the sensitivity of the cartilaginous region, for example, the joint can be the cause of low back pain in a good number of individuals. This is similar to the cartilage in the knee but the SIJ’s cartilage has some of its own unique characteristics. Additional sources of pain associated with the SIJ can include pain from the ligaments surrounding and supporting the joint.

Pain in this region of the body has a number of possible sources–proper evaluation from a health care professional is required to correctly identify the sacroiliac joint as the source of one’s pain.

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